Samsung Galaxy eSIM setup

Samsung Galaxy eSIM setup

What do I need to set up an eSIM on my Samsung Galaxy phone? #

  • An unlocked Oppo device that is compatible with eSIM
  • The QR Code from the email we’ve send you
  • WiFi connection

Before you start #

  1. Write down the activation code / activation pin from your email.
  2. If you cannot open the QR code on another device, save the attachment from the email to your phone

How do I install the eSIM on my Samsung Galaxy phone? #

  1. Go to Settings > Connections
  2. Tab on SIM manager
  3. Tab on Add eSIM
  4. Tab on Scan QR code from service provider
  5. Scan the QR code from the email:
    • You can open the email on another device and scan the code
    • You can download the email attachment to your phone. This is the QR code. Then repeat step 1 – 4 and when the camera opens, click on the image icon on the botton right. This will give you the option to scan a QR code from a file
    • You can also click on Enter activation code. There is an example in that screen. Go back to your email and copy that code. Repeat step 1 – 4 and paste the code in the field provided
  6. Enter the activation code.
  7. The unlock pin code for the SIM card is 0000
  8. You should now see the eSIM in the SIM manager. Make sure it is activated.
  9. Under preffered SIMs make sure you select the eSIM card for Mobile data. IT is also safer to disable your other SIM card. This way you know for sure, your are not using the one from home.