Easy setup, no contract, avoid roaming costs, no sim card needed & keep your own number.

“Get online within 5 minutes AGAINST a local EU rate”

Unlimited data for 7 Days Vodafone eSIM


Surf the web as much as you like with this option. 7 Days unlimited data on the high speed 5G Vodafone network.

2GB Data, valid for 30 Days Vodafone eSIM


2GB valid for 30 days. Ideal to check your email, use WhatsApp, read the news and check your social media channels.

10GB Data, valid for 30 Days Vodafone eSIM


10GB valid for 30 days. Check your email. Update your socials with pictures, read the news and stay connected.

No Roaming costs

easy setup, no contract

Keep your own number

No sim card needed

What others say

Great solution, didn't need to change my simcard and had internet access without paying the roaming fees.
Sianna O.
Didn't know this was possible, never need to change my number again when I am in the EU, and i'm still able to use mobile data with my phone against a local rate.
Floyd B.
Easy setup and great quality (Vodafone). Will keep using this Esim whenever I'm in the EU.
Kelsi S.


Add more credits to your Esim by going to the Vodafone Top Up website.